Three Activities For Which Barbados Beaches Are The Best Location

Picture this: grains of white sand between your toes; a visual of different hues of blue in front of you matched by an idyllic blue sky with the occasional cloud; a huge beach towel; shades to dim the glare; your favorite swimsuit or swim trunks and lots of sunscreen.


Welcome to our beautiful Barbados beaches! From Mullins beach in the North to Brownes’ beach in the West, Accra Beach in the South and the famous Crane Beach in the East; Barbados is the ideal destination if you are all about sun, sea and sand.

Fun And Frolic
At most popular beaches there are activities such as riding on a jet-ski; riding on “banana boats” (a long yellow inflated floating object that is pulled along the surface of the seawater by another boat); snorkeling and diving; beach volleyball; surfing and paddle boarding. At beaches such as Brownes’ beach and Accra beach, you can dive on the reef and snap pictures of our amazing coral and diverse types of fish.


Also on Brownes’ Beach, one can parasail and try out the Thriller, a boat that goes across the water at top speed. The name aptly suits the boat. In addition, there is catamaran sailing. Enjoy a sumptuous Bajan meal while cruising across the ocean with stops to sea bathe or swim with the turtles. Some of the popular catamaran cruises are El Tigre, Cool Runnings, Jammin’ and Tiami, to name a few. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun in the sun!!


A Little Rest and Relaxation
Aside from fun and frolic, Barbados beaches also have a calming side. Most beaches are equipped with beach chairs that you can rent for as low as USD$20.00 inclusive of an umbrella. With an appeasing view of the ocean, Barbados beaches are perfect to feel the warmth of the sun; read that captivating book or catch a snooze while sun tanning.


Weddings and Honeymoons
Lastly, there is the romantic side of Barbados beaches. Long story short, couples love to get married here in Barbados on our beauteous beaches. Whether it’s at sunset or an early morning wedding, with the backdrop of a sandy beach and the wind in your hair; it’s the perfect way to celebrate your happy day.


The priests on our island are happy to accommodate you and have been featured in overseas magazines. They are also many denominations on our island so that you can have your pick of the one that best suits your faith.


In addition, if you choose to come to Barbados for your honeymoon, our romantic beaches can be used as a background for your photos, providing everlasting memories. Imagine walking on the beach hand in hand with the love of your life, after taking such an important step to solidify your union. Maybe you can take selfies or just enjoy the moment. Either way, Barbados beaches exude romance, especially at sunset.

Article written by Rhea (Editor)


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