Polo Under The Stars

Hey my loyal blog readers, hope you are all having a great week and hoping it gets even better. Today I want to briefly mention an event which promises to be lots of fun and excitement “Polo Under The Stars

Polo has been played in Barbados for many many years, it is usually patronised by locals and tourists alike. I have been to polo a few times and it has always been a wonderful experience for me. I love horses in any form, whether it is horse racing, polo, equestrian or a nice slab of horse leg between bread with mayonnaise (just kidding) haha I got you there didn’t I?


March 28th will mark the first time night polo will be played in the Caribbean and on an International sized field. Apes Hill Club has been in the works for the last 8 months running trials, erecting 28 lighting towers, creating new night polo kit and planing the best party of the year. There is a limited amount of tickets with some already being reserved, tickets will be on sale from the 14th of February.

If you love polo and warm Caribbean weather, then Barbados is the place for you on 28th March 2015 for “Polo Under The Stars” I will see you there! For more http://www.apeshillpolo.com

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