Oistins Fish Fry on Friday Nights Is True Bajan Culture

oistins fish fry

Okay friends, I must admit, Oistins Fish Fry is definitely one of my favorite places to lime on Friday nights. The atmosphere at Oistins Fish Fry is an extremely relaxed and informal one. You would blend in wearing shorts and flip flops as well as you would wearing a suit, it’s that type of atmosphere (suits not needed 🙂 )

You can go with friends and have a good time, with family and enjoy yourself or go alone and have an equally great time.

The entertainment in Oistins is mainly DJ music, playing a wide variety of back in time and calypso hits. On some occasions, there is a live band. Regardless of DJ or live band, the atmosphere is great for dancing.

I you want a souvenir, lots of craft items are on sale, including wooden carvings, painting, leather craft, jewelry and pottery. It’s certain to be something to catch your eye that you can purchase to take back home for yourself, family or friends.

Now to the most important aspect of Oistins and the part I love, the food 🙂 . Oistins Fish Fry has a great selection of locally caught fresh fish. You can get tuna, snapper, flying fish, dolphin, marlin, lobster or most other sea food prepared for you while you wait.

oistins fish fry

You can also get chicken or pork from some stalls. You can head on down to Oistins Fish Fry from about 6:30 pm and leave when you get drunk (just kidding) but you can spend 4 great hours in Oistins and not ralise the time has flown.

So when you are in Barbados be sure to check out Oistins Fish Fry on Friday nights. Be sure to comment below and tell everyone what was your experience like if you have been before.


  1. I definitely love the atmosphere in Oistins on Fridays and the food is great

  2. I know the feeling Allanah, I will be there Friday night as well 🙂

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