7 Laws Of Barbados To Be Aware When Travelling


When travelling to any destination, one of the most important things you should need to be abreast of, is the main laws and offences of that country, as not to create a breach of the law.

Here are a few laws of Barbados you should know, to stay on the right side of the law.

1. Serious Offences: First let me say this, all major crimes that you can think of that are offences in the Western world, are applicable to Barbados as well. Which include, but not limited to, murder, theft, wounding, rape, disturbing the peace and any other offences like that. Since I know you are not coming to Barbados to kill or rape, you have no problems 🙂

2. Camouflage: The wearing of any kind is camouflage or disruptive pattern is unlawful, to include hats, shirts, trousers, socks, boots, shoes, scarfs or any other apparel. If caught wearing or carrying any of these items, they can be confiscated.


3. Marijuana is not legal in Barbados in any form. I know some people think in the Caribbean you can walk around smoking and being high and happy (smiling), it’s not true, marijuana can carry very stiff penalties.


Smoking, selling, buying, growing or possessing is a contravention of the law and you can/will be arrested for the related offence.

4. Traffic Violations: Driving without insurance or road tax is a serious traffic offence. If you rent a vehicle from a car rental company, then you have no need for worry, as they are always up to date with the relevant documents.

5. Drivers Permit: If you intend to drive in Barbados you must get a temporary drivers permit from one the Licensing Authority branches here in Barbados, some car rental agencies also supply the drivers permits.

Getting the permit takes only a few minutes and is hassle free, just produce your current and up to date drivers licence from your country of residence and a fee of $10 BDS or $5 US and the permit will be granted. ($2 Barbados dollars is equivalent to $1 United States dollar)

6. Cell Phones and Driving: Using of cell phones while driving, whether texting or talking, is a dangerous practise. Police will stop you if you are seen driving while using a cell phone, so to prevent that, if you must use it, pull over on the side of the road and use it.


7. Seat Belts: Wearing of seat belts are mandatory and it is unlawful to travel in a vehicle without wearing a seat belt. Wearing of motorcycle helmets are also mandatory, either as the operator or passenger.

Your vacation in Barbados will be a great one, nothing short of awesome. Just keep these rules in mind, which in most countries are standard, so this would just stand as a a reminder. So go right now and book your trip to Barbados and come enjoy our lovely paradise island.

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