Barbados Food Rum and Wine Festival 2014 – Yum Yum



Any discussion about rum is a discussion about Barbados, and vice versa. It’s been an integral part of our island nation’s heritage, history, and economy for over 350 years. And in that time, Bajan rum has garnered a worldwide reputation as some of the finest, silkiest, most complex and enjoyable rum to be found anywhere.

With over 1,500 rum shops on only 166 square miles of island, finding the perfect spot to enjoy a fabled Rum Punch is as easy as walking out the door. The rum shop is the social and cultural hub of the island, and all are welcome.

This year the Barbados Food Rum and Wine Festival 2014 brings to you “Rum Trails” where you have the opportunity, at your leisure, to visit each of the rum distilleries. The “trails” will include three rum producers and we will provide a directional map that identifies each distillery.


Delicious, sumptuous, savory, or just simply, “delightful’. Whatever words you use to describe great food, you’ll need lots of them as you taste your way through The Barbados Food & Wine and Rum Festival.

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