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How to Plan the Ultimate Family Vacation to Barbados
If you would have told my younger self that the day would come when I would be planning a trip to Barbados with my kids, I would have thought you were crazy. The Caribbean island has always been a place of romance and magic. However, Barbados is becoming more well-known as the perfect family destination!

It has some of the best beaches in the world, and there are a tonne of activities so that you can plan something different for every day of your trip. Now, I know it sounds like a nightmare, planning an international vacation with your kids, but with a little prior planning, you can pull it off without a hitch. Here are seven ideas to help you plan the ultimate family vacation to Barbados:

Pack the Sunscreen
The first key thing in planning the ultimate trip, is to preempt as many issues that could ruin your trip as possible. Since Barbados lies close to the equator, the sun’s rays can be very strong, especially when you’re out on the beach all day! Of course, you could wait until you arrive to buy sunscreen, but you’ll often find a limited selection sold at a much higher price than you’d find back home, so you’re better off bringing it with you.barbados_photos

Pick the Best Resort
Let’s face it, despite the fact that there are more and more families visiting Barbados, it’s still also a place for honeymooners and romance. But if you pick the perfect family resort, you’ll forget all about that and will have a blast with the entire family! Check out this list for some ideas of kid-friendly places.

Have a Picnic
I still look back fondly on the family picnics we had when I was a kid, and the beaches of Barbados offer the perfect backdrop for a meal. Barbadian cuisine includes a number of foods that are perfect for picnics, including cutters (a type of sandwich), conkies (a type of pastry), fried flying fish and more. Put together something tasty to munch on while you watch that impromptu game of cricket.

Go for a Sail
Barbados has long been known for its ties to pirates back in the 17th and 18th centuries, with pirates like Sam lord and Stede Bonnet, now you and the kids can feel like pirates too! Hop aboard the Jolly Roger for a fun lunchtime cruise through beautiful ocean scenes. You might even get the chance to swim with turtles or walk the plank. Another other option (if you’re not claustrophobic) is to hop aboard the Atlantis Submarine and see the ocean from under the waves Click Here
jolly_roger_1 jolly_roger_2

Check out the Caves
Harrison’s Cave has an amazing array of stalactites, stalagmites and other rock formations; you’re sure to be impressed by this subterranean world! If you’re not in the mood to crawl through a dirty hole in the ground, never fear: you’ll hop on a tram to go through the caves, but you will be able to get out at certain points to see things up close, here’s a link to the cave Click Here
harrisons_cave harrisons_cave

Go on Safari
Take a 4×4 safari around the island and not only will you get to see some of the island’s impressive flora, but you might be able to spot some of its interesting wildlife as well. You might even get to see some monkeys if you’re lucky! Whatever you see, it’s sure to be something far different than you’d see back home.
island_safari_barbados island_safari_barbados_1

Experience the Local Culture
The Oistins Fish Market may not seem like the most interesting place on the island, but be sure to check it out on Friday nights, when the place comes alive with tourists and locals alike! You can get an excellent dinner at the fish fry, and you’ll be treated to live music shows and dancing. It’s a lively, colorful experience and definitely not to be missed! Click Here
oistins fish fry oistins_fish_fry

Have a Plan for Those Rainy Days
Let’s be real here: as much as we’d love it to be otherwise, it may not be sunny and warm every single day of your vacation. The trick is to be prepared for all sorts of weather, otherwise, the kids will be bouncing around the hotel room after being cooped up too long, and you’ll be about ready to tear your hair out!

We like to do a Netflix movie marathon on days when the weather isn’t so fair, but I’ve found that I need to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to stream from my account when I’m traveling abroad or else I get an error message. Fortunately, a VPN is easy to install, two-second process to get everything up and running to avert that crisis!

Have you taken a family trip to Barbados? What were some of your most-loved activities? Share you advice below!

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