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A True Wonder Of The World Harrisons Cave


  When visiting Barbados, one of the must visits is Harrisons’ Cave. I have been going to the cave from the time ...

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Black Cake Recipe


Bajan Black Cake / Rum Cake An extremely tasty version of traditional fruit cakes from other countries and depending on how much ...

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Bread Stuffing Recipe


One can use a packaged bread stuffing mix or you can create your own spin on an age old recipe. Ingredients: 8 ...

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Cassava Pone Recipe


A delicious traditional sweet treat here in Barbados, here is a simple recipe for cassava pone! Ingredients: 3 cups fine dry cassava ...

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Macaroni Pie Recipe


Macaroni Pie is a mainstay side dish in Barbados . Some cooks add herbs and spices while others top with bread crumbs. ...

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